Lagoonia: New Features Announced for Upcoming Open Beta

11/16/2011 07:27 am in News

German game publishers, InnoGames, are preparing to launch their free-to-play strategy game, Lagoonia, into the Open Beta testing phase in the near future and have detailed some new features which will be available.


As the Open Beta of Lagoonia approaches, InnoGames (Grepolis, Bounty Hounds Online) has prepared some information for fans of the online game out there, detailing some of the features which will be a part of the test. Hopefully, this will allow fans to get better acquainted with the game before they try it out themselves!

Once the Open Beta goes live, players of Lagoonia will be able to produce specific resources for the development of their island for specific buildings. It works like this – some resources to build structures cannot be found naturally, such as nails. To make nails, you can gather metal or collect scraps from a plane wreck and bring them to the production building.

Traders will also be introduced to islands in Lagoonia with the Open Beta launch. This will allow you to trade your surplus for some of the more rare resources. This, coupled with the inventory management system, will allow you to have full control of the economy and resources of your empire.

Currently, Lagoonia is in the Closed Beta testing phase in German and the plans for the Open Beta in English are already in the works. According to InnoGames, the Open Beta will be going live sometime in the coming weeks, so keep your eyes peeled!

Source: Press release
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